Renovations at our school February 2021


8 February 2021


During the first week of February 2021 renovations started to replace our roof from old asbestos to a brand new roof.

We are blessed to start the year on such a positive note.

Toise Senior secondary school would like to thank old mutual for funding this project.





November 2020

This year has proven to be a great challenge for the entire world. With so much at stake and so many lives at risk this is definitely the year that will go down in the history books as the year that changed the world.

With the year coming to an end and the grades have attempted to make up for lost time, we wish all grades including the class of 2020 all the best for their finals.

Our school including our partner Sifunda Kunye has done everything to ensure safety protocols are in place for this year to do our part in curbing the spread of Covid 19.

Hoping that 2021 will be a COVID19 free year and live would resume slightly more normal.

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

Welcoming Back our Learners 2020

During this trying year the world is facing an pandemic that no one planned for but we had to reopen our school to safe the academic year.

Although the Covid19 infection rate in South Africa is currently declining, we take safety precautions to minimize the spread of Covid19.

Our classrooms are cleaned and sanitized daily, our computer lab sponsored by Sifunda Kunye has been an advantage to our pupils to catch up lost school work through online research. Thandile Mazukwe has been assisting learners with Cami English and maths to prepare them for examination.

The world are facing difficult time but we at Toise SSS are doing our part in curbing the spread.


In Loving Memory of Dr V.M. Ngoqo

In loving memory of Dr. V.M. NGOQO

On behalf of Sifunda Kunye partner schools we hereby join Toise Senior Secondary School in mourning the passing of their former headmaster, Dr V.M. Ngoqo.

Dr Ngoqo was one of our partner principals under the Sifunda Kunye/ Calabar Foundation. Dr Ngoqo dedicated many years of his life in the pursuit to better the education of the African child. His commitment, dedication and leadership will be remembered and appreciated by all those who have had the privilege of being associated with him. He was a strong leader and leaves a lasting legacy, not only in Toise SSS, but in the Department of Education as a whole.

Our most heartfelt condolences go out to the Toise SSS community and his family during this difficult time.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Our New Prefabs

MEC Gives 25 Toilets to Rural School

It was a extremely hard struggle for our school, our school received 25 toilets that was officially handed over to our school by the MEC during this term.  We would like thank the department of education, all the learners, faculty and parents for their contribution to get this basic need that our school desperately needed.


Sifunda Kunye Annual Writing Camp 23-25 August 2019.

During the weekend of the 23-25 August 2019, learners from five of Sifunda Kunye schools attended the annual writing camp.

This year the theme/topic to write about was UBUNTU. Learners was  preparing for this weekend before they arrived at the camp.

The weekend was a huge success! The learners all completed their writing with inspiration from their peers , facilitators and quest speakers.

We would like to thank all that made this weekend possible. We  acknowledge our funder Mr Andrew Summers for making this weekend possible.



We would like to thank all that made this weekend possible. We  acknowledge our funder Mr Andrew Summers for making this weekend possible.


Toise SSS Bursaries



The African Scholars’ Fund opened its door when it saw a great need for quality education during the apartheid years. Today, they help by financially assisting learners from poor families with their secondary school and TVET college education fees.

The fund aims to contribute by way of monetary donations towards students school fees, uniform and transport costs. The ASF does not stop at providing financial support, they also mentor, motivate and nurture their recipients until their studies are complete. They are entirely focused on students wellbeing by monitoring and providing feedback on their academic progress – keeping in regular contact with bursars.

The Toise SSS learners bursary from African scholar’s fund and they brought hats scarfs for themselves and they getting worm this winter.

African Scholer’s Fund bursary learners 2019.




Grade 12 Farewell 2019